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Are you exhibiting at a trade show in Las Vegas?

Our team can provide full event servicing to smaller designs and graphics. From trade show management to custom graphic design and booth builds, we have the experience and resources to make your exhibit look great.

You’ll want to make sure your booth is well-supplied with furniture rentals, tv monitors, graphics, banners, overhanging displays, panels, backdrops, modular displays, portable displays – you name it! We can provide it all.

If you are planning to exhibit at the upcoming trade show in Las Vegas, our team can help. We have years of experience and resources that will make your booth look great!
When it comes down to furniture rentals or custom graphic design for this huge event space (we know how big these things get), we’ve got what’s needed – from televisions monitors graphics banners overhanging displays panels backdrops modular displays portable ones too. Don’t hesitate any longer; let us take care everything about exhibiting with confidence today by clicking on the live chat icon on the bottom corner.

With our experience in Las Vegas and trade show management, we can provide full event services for your exhibit. We have the resources to make sure that you are well-supplied with furniture rentals such as tv monitors or banners; custom graphic design like modular displays (which allow users configure their own content), backdrops & panels from which exhibits will be run on site at any time during exhibition week without having an additional expense associated therewith – this includes overhanging display units too! And don’t forget about portable unit rental options if certain areas of space aren’t being used by other exhibiting companies due to schedule limitations

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You can count on our team for anything from exhibit design and management to custom graphics. We’ve got the experience you need, as well as all of these great amenities at your disposal!

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