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Basically you pay per click advertising. Pay Per Click or PPC  is a form of advertising when if you are an advertiser you pay for each click. website or a mobile app or similar, so every single click that you’re driving to your website, you’re paying for each click or lets say you don’t pay for impressions, You don’t pay for anything like that.

You’re paying for clicks specifically with companies such as Google ads which is the most well known per click advertising network along with Bing ads, Facebook, Youtube, etc. 

We consider Facebook to be a pay per click advertising network even though technically it’s not. Facebook really considered social advertising and your generally paying for impressions on Facebook ads but we still consider it to be a pay per click advertising

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To create pay per click google AdWords campaign you can easily go to google AdWords account and set up your PPC or pay per click campaign within minutes maybe little more, but you might wonder what we are doing here right? We have long term clients been studying and based on researches been done, Most business owners don’t want to deal with creating pay per click campaigns or doing it with wrong keywords, or maybe wrong timing, location, targeted strategies, and few more that you need to set them up correctly to run a successful pay per click campaign. Don’t ruin your campaign budget or learning the hard way!

Contact us, we create “pay per click” (PPC) campaigns all day and we can handle all your campaign management with small monthly cost. checkout our Pay Per Click Packages for more detail.

Alsett Agency and we can set up your pay per click (PPC) Campaign professionally and start saving by not wasting your budget on wrong pay per click ads.

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Top 8 Pay Per Click Advertising Alsett Agency Offers

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